Universidade Nacional Timor Lorosa’e

Useful information



Support and assistance on arrival and during the period of stay

Airport pick-up will be arranged. Special arrangements will be made for access the UNTL facilities. Meetings can be set up with relevant Faculty and Administrative staff. Further support can be required by contacting UNTL Cooperation Affairs Office (gac@reit.untl.edu.tl).


Halls of residence on offer

The University does not have halls of residence for visiting staff. However, support will be given to find accommodation in Dili.


Language courses on offer

Working languages used in the academic programs:
Courses at the UNTL are taught in Portuguese, Tetum and English, being Portuguese the working language of the University.

Language courses on offer:
Tetum language courses can be offered, subject to demand.


Information on the cost of living, climate and cultural events

Typical costs in Dili include the following (official currency in Timor-Leste: US dollars): meal: USD 2-15; accommodation: hotel/guest house – USD 700+ per month, private accommodation (basic) – USD 500+ per month, private accommodation (midrange) – USD 1000+; taxi ride: USD 2+.
Timor-Leste has two seasons: wet (December to April) and dry (May to November). In the dry season the north coast sees little rain; the cooler central mountains and south coast have an occasional shower. Day temperatures are around 30°C to 35°C (85°F to 95°F) year-round in the lowland areas, dropping to the low 20s overnight. In the mountain areas, warm-to-hot daytime temperatures drop to a chillier 15°C (60°F) at night, less at altitude. At the end of the dry season in parts of the north coast the mercury hovers over 35°C.
Besides diving and snorkeling, activities are pretty much do-it-yourself, although Dili tour companies can help out. You can find excellent trekking, climbing and cycling facilities. You can even rent a kayak at the beach on the eastern side of Dili. You can also visit some Portuguese relics, as well as some exhibitions on Timor-Leste’s road to independence.
Contact the UNTL Cooperation Affairs Office for details and support (gac@reit.untl.edu.tl).